You will learn to read and interpret emotional data for the purpose of moving how you need and want to move. We teach you how to use spiritual mirrors to gain perspective, connecting and bonding, as well as setting boundaries. All these things help to raise your energetic frequency when managed according to your well established internal alchemy.

Hi, I’m Reese Roberts

I developed this course to introduce you to the concepts I use to help manage relationships by applying scientific principles of Universal Law. The course will give you a glimpse into emotional intelligence and moving energy with internal alchemy. This is going to alter your reality when you practice it!

This course is closed for enrollment.

The art of self-development is a science.

This course teaches how to be intentional about soul searching. We have developed practical applications to keep you seeking the most expansive knowledge of self.

Make the important decision to move your energy.

Learn how energy can be manipulated to create clarity on your most complex emotions. Learn to use spiritual mirrors and allow self-awareness to quickly repair dysfunction.

Safely use these mental trainings to manifest.

Learn how the human brain functions as a metaphysic tool for manifestation. We break down the Natural Laws that make it all work in our FAVOR!