The techniques and perspective given in this course elevates your awareness of internal dynamics that impact the health and overall safety of your power to manifest. We teach you how to recognize who you are, what energy you are creating in your life, and why. This information empowers to alter your reality at your free will.

Hi, I’m Reese Roberts

I designed this course to combine all my years of study and experience with Esotericism for you. The special thing about the concepts I teach is they already exist somewhere in your subconscious mind. My job is to work with you to bring them into your conscious awareness so you can actively use them to work in your life.

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Using Metaphysics to Manifest

Easy concepts you can start practicing now for immediate results.

Using Metaphysics to Manifest is designed to teach you the basics of Metaphysics which is very simple to understand and apply. We begin the process of expanding your consciousness by making you aware of the governing laws that assist you in creating your reality. Once you become aware, then you can make monumental changes on purpose!

The art of self-development is a science.

This course teaches how to be intentional about soul searching. We have developed practical applications to keep you seeking the most expansive knowledge of self.

Make the important decision to move your energy.

Learn how energy can be manipulated to create clarity on your most complex emotions. Learn to use spiritual mirrors and allow self-awareness to quickly repair dysfunction.

Safely use these mental trainings to manifest.

Learn how the human brain functions as a metaphysic tool for manifestation. We break down the Natural Laws that make it all work in our FAVOR!