How intention and truth impact manifestations

  • Learn what it means to trust the Universe by understanding how to use intention setting.
  • Learn what it looks like to use absolute truth as a tool to align with the higher self in a way that allow manifestations to actualize in the 3rd dimension much easier than it would without these concepts being employed.
  • Learn about the alignment process and what it means to be a navigator of the 5th dimension.

This section is a bitdifferent as we are looking at videos from other respected teachers about the setting of intentions as we relate to our own ideas and conceptual understanding of these principles.

In this video, we hear Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters and Dr. Joe Dispenza about what it means to set intentions. You will also be watching a video from Reese about what it means to set intentions and how this impacts your ability to trust what the Universe is returning back to you.

Watch Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters here

Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza here

  • Discuss how you feel about your ability to set intentions for a purpose. Are you confident? Are you consistent? Explain where you are with it.
  • Why is it in your best interest to set your intention and then trust the Universe to do certain things?
  • How can you know if your intention is helping your situation? Do you feel challenged to believe in yourself? Discuss.

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