System structure

Section Objective:

Learn the most basic Universal Laws of Nature. Learn how to apply the concepts as you build systems of thinking for your own systemic creation of reality. Learn how to express yourself in ways that point you in the direction of your unique purpose.

On page 6 of the excerpt (reads page 14 on the pdf), read carefully the Principle of Cause & Effect. Then discuss in the comments why this principle might cause one to have increased faith as they journey through life. Also discuss what you think a "plane of causation is."

Hermetic Principles Excerpt - Kybalion.pdf

We will have Zoom meetings to talk about the reading and answer your questions about how to use the knowledge for your own purposes. If you cannot make the meeting, it will be available for you to playback, and your questions will be answered on the next one. Be sure to write down all your questions. I suggest using your phone to make note of your questions so you can bring them to class!

Topic: Learner's Academy Using Metaphysics to Manifest

Time: This is a recurring meeting

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