Achieve spiritual self-awareness

  • Understand how the operation of the spiritual body corresponds to physiology.
  • Gain spiritual awareness by comprehending the nature of the spirit world.
  • Learn to self-assess your own energetic frequency.


Open your perspective by reading. The more you take in from your environment and other people... the more you have to give from within. Are you comfortable with sharing your opinions and thoughts? Reading about personal development will help you get there in deep and exciting ways.

Read what the Metu Neter says about the different stages of Spiritual Awareness. Can you identify which stage of development you are on? Do you think the Ba Stage is too difficult to achieve? Why or why not?

Becoming Spiritually Aware Reading.pdf


Use this book to help you learn simple techniques that can help you develop the spiritual senses that come with pineal gland activation.

Awakening the Third Eye ( PDFDrive ).pdf


Featured Video: Episode 21 Spiritual Interpretation

Watch the videos for Episode 21 Spiritual Interpretation and Episode 31 Spiritual Operation (scroll down). Comment to join the discussion.

  1. What is your strongest sense of Spiritual operation? What is the weakest? How do you think you developed these senses or the lack thereof? What do you want to do to improve on your weaker spiritual senses to improve your level of self mastery?
  2. According to the Spiritual Operation video, what should you do with your negative thoughts to perform your personal alchemy on that energy?
  3. What is your responsibility as a conscious being that observes it's own thoughts? Are you subordinate to the thoughts, are you the judge of them, or are you allowing them to pass?

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